2016 Edition

Not yet corrected

  • Section 2.1 (print page 30): In Example 2.32, the string should be MITCHELTKELLERANDWILLIAMTTROTTERAREGENIUSES!! instead of the string given. (Note that the uncorrected string ends in AREREGENIUSES!! with an extra “RE”.) (Reported by Fidel Barrera Cruz, Georgia Tech.)

Corrected in the 2016.1 Edition

The errors below have been corrected in the 2016.1 Edition, which is the default HTML version. There is no PDF or print version of the 2016.1 Edition. The 2016 Edition HTML version, which matches the PDF and print versions remains available.

  • Section 2.2 (print page 20): In the paragraph before Example 2.7, P(26,20) should be P(26,6). (Reported by Rachel Chaiser, University of Puget Sound)
  • Section 5.1 (print page 70): The second-to-last sentence of the second paragraph should read “graph is a helpful tool”, not “graph is a helpful too”. (Reported by Ethan Raymond, University of Toronto.)
  • Section 7.1 (print page 142): In Example 7.3, there are two consecutive greater than signs in one place. The erroneous text should read “we must exclude any solution in which \(x_3>7\).” (Reported by Fidel Barrera Cruz, Georgia Tech.)
  • Section 8.1 (print page 158): The series for \(\log(1+x)\) in Example 8.2 is missing a factor of \((-1)^{n+1}\). That is, the series should be \(\log(1+x) = \displaystyle\sum_{n=1}^\infty (-1)^{n+1} \frac{x^n}{n}\), and the sentence is missing a closing period. (Reported by Fidel Barrera Cruz, Georgia Tech.)
  • Section 8.4 (print page 165): The identity in Corollary 8.13 is incorrect. It should read \(2^{2n} = \sum_{k=0}^n\binom{2k}{k}\binom{2n-2k}{n-k}\). (Reported by Les Reid, Missouri State University.)
  • Epilogue (print page 326): The paragraph about Yolanda incorrectly refers to Zori.